SENSUS Meaty Paw Black
SENSUS Meaty Paw Black

SENSUS Meaty Paw | Black

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SENSUS Handgjorda grepp från Kalifornien. 


 “We wanted to make Kyle the grip of his dreams sparing no expense in modern science. By combining our thinnest interior sleeve with an oversized diameter, we achieved a grip that not only dampens small bumps but provides superior grip. Using the softest rubber ever used by our American factory has allowed for supple grips, while maintaining a quality that outlasts the competition. With a need for oversized grips in every discipline from XC Foamiez to DH Double-Wrapped, this was a no brainer.” - Cam Zink


  • Oversized 5” Greppyta 134 mm
  • Oversized 6” Totallängd 151mm
  • Oversized 1.35” (35mm) Diameter
  • Semi hög kant och "Pinky Ramp" (Lillfinger stöd)
  • Enkellås
  • Integrerad ändplugg

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